MCO & Associates Inc. has launched a Municipal Development Initiative that seeks to work in conjunction with communities to develop affordable housing opportunities. The goal of this initiative is to aid in providing communities increased but controlled production of affordable housing in your communities. MCO & Associates, Inc. is willing to work with communities in various capacities to achieve this goal. We can provide consulting services, create and implement specific projects, acquire and build out locally initiated projects and/or respond to RFP’s which may be initiated by communities to produce housing or housing plans. We work on both modified fee based building and development services as well risk based acquisition of local projects. Let us help you develop a plan to cost effectively address your housing needs. No one knows your community’s needs better that you!

Due to our complete development to delivery approach, including planning, permitting, construction and marketing/distribution services we have been able to offer cost effective solutions that produce desired results for communities on time and on budget. Please view the video link below for Willow Central – a project we recently completed with the Town of Acton which highlights the range of offerings we can provide.

MCO & Associates, Inc. would like to meet to discuss and aid in the development of your communities affordable housing needs. Please contact Mark O’Hagan @ 978-456-8388 for more information and to set up an appointment.

Current Municipal Development Initiatives

Willow Central - Acton RFP
Harvard - Ayer Road
Boxborough Buy Down Program