Willow Central – Acton RFP
Willow Road & Central Street, Acton, MA

Willow Central was a dilapidated property and a local eyesore which was eventually acquired by the town of Acton. The Acton Community Housing Corporation (ACHC), a non profit dedicated to the creation of affordable housing, wanted to develop the parcel. Their desire was to create homes that were stylish, 100 % affordable, and would blend with the historic West Acton landscape. To do this, the ACHC realized they would need private partners to help build and develop the site. Using the town’s RFP process, they petitioned for assistance.

MCO & Associates, Inc. was selected to implement the venture which included securing final regulatory approvals, DHCD Marketing approvals, funding, building, and distribution of the homes through a lottery program. The project was awarded in August of 2007. Approvals and funding were organized and construction began in December 2007. By May 2008 the homes were completed and occupied. The project clearly demonstrates how attractive affordable housing can be and MCO’s partnership with the ACHC and the Town of Acton ensured success.